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The Orthodox village of Sirince is located 12 km away from Ephesus and 30 km from Kusadasi. It was called “Ephesus on the Mountain” by ancient historians. There is no real evidence of how the settlement formed, but the theory is that a group of people from ancient Ephesus city moved up the mountains to get away from the silting up of the Meander river and constant flooding issues. The first residents of the beautiful Sirince Village name it “Cirkince” meaning “rather ugly” in hopes of keeping outsiders away. This was done both for security and a desire to keep the beauty of the village to themselves.

Sirince Village was originally built by Greeks. It survived the Independence War and has been primarily occupied by Muslim Turks since the population exchange in 1924. In 1926 the village was visited and renamed as “Sirince” or “Pretty” by the governor of Izmir Province. It is a wonderful example of the Turk-Greek culture of 1920s. The village consist of typical Greek houses that suggest the local traditional layout.

The oldest structure of Sirince Village dates back to the Lysimachus’s era in the Hellenistic period. It was designed as a watchtower and was of  strategic military importance due to its location. The structure was restored during the Byzantine era and turned into a monastery. When the Turks moved in from Greece, they began using the surrounding olive groves, pine groves, vineyards, and fig and peach orchards to start producing oils and wines. The village is well known for the local women who sell handicrafts and local foods in the streets.

Though the village has rather quickly become a tourist destination, it has been able to preserve its authenticity and beauty. Sirince Village is considered one of the most naturally beautiful places to visit in the area and is a highly recommended attraction.

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